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Which one is the best website to download free sexy movie clips having length more than 1 minute.time is v.imp
website should have FREE video clips and should have clip length more than 1 minute.because i know lot of sites having free clips of 20 sec or 25 sec.
Haha love your question mate. Straight to the point.

Try installing "LimeWire" (peer-to-peer/file sharing application). Anything can be found on that.
In the video for You Sexy Thing by Hot Chocolate What films do the old movie clips come from?
name as many as you can and/or give youtube link
idk the beach scenes, but some costume scenes with feathers, etc. are from the sheik a rudy valentino film.
Where can i get sexy clips from the english movies?
for free? i want only the sexy scenes of the movies
Check out this place they don't have clips but they have pics from movies...
What movie is this sexy dancing scene from?
I found this clip when I was watching one of my favorite shows, Whose line is it anyway? I have found out that the sexy girl who is dancing in the green skirt is named Nai Bonet. She was an actor and belly dancer who starred in movies in the 1960's and 70's but I have not been able to find out what movie or show this clip is from. Please help and ask around if you don't know yourself.…
I believe that would be "The Spy with a Cold Nose".
What was the controversial sexy scene in the movie Mean Girls?
I didn't see the movie yet, but I heard there's a scene where Lindsay Lohan is wearing a very sexy outfit while dancing provocatively at some kind of a high school Christmas concert and it was controversial because she was only 15 when it was filmed. What outfit was she was wearing and what happened in that scene? Youtube doesn't work on my computer so I can't look up a video clip.
She was in a sexy santa outfit yelling out ho ho ho.
Sexy clips.....Problem?
my wife always like to watch sexy clips, picutures, A marked movies, what should i do, what may be in her mind..which type of she would be ?
well maybe shez just curious.. were'nt u curious bout such stuff too once?? just give her some time..eventually she might get bored.. or better try being adventurous in bed maybe tht will get her off her habit.. :)
Where can I find Dakota Fannings sexy scene from Hounddog?
I really though she was super sexy in that movie, shes my favorite actress.

Where can I find clips or movie pics of that scene where shes making love?
She's not making love, she's being RAPED!! That's not even close to sexy, besides that she is just a little girl! Why would you think a guy being raped is sexy?
Boys: Did Lindsay Lohan had sexy legs in this movie?
Do you think she had sexy thighs along with an amazing body & face in this movie clip from when she was still a healthy, young teen before she started doing drugs and drinking?
yea i guess she was a little sexy but that all went down hill from there once she started doing drugs and drinking and where is she now? she's going to jail
Boys: was this last movie this young actress looked sexy before doing drugs?
I found this video clip from a movie Lindsay Lohan was in back when she was 16 years old so she was healthy, had a nice body, great legs and a pretty face because it was long before she started doing drugs and drinking which got her in the trouble she's in now. On a scale of 1-10, how sexy do you think she looks in this movie?
this is gonna sound horrible but I find her sexier now than when she was healthy.
Which movie(s) contains sexy hotter scenes than Julie(Neha Dhupia,Sanjay Kapoor) movie in Bollywood?
I saw a bed scene of Neha Dhupia and Sanjay kappor in the movie Julie.It's really hottest clip and never bored. Now,i want some more scenes and movie names like that.
Sheesha - Neha Dhupia, Sonu Sood
Murder - Mallika Sherawat, Imran Hashmi, Ashmit Patel.

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