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What if the Octuplets mom was black or latina?
I know already the media would have more of a field day than they are having now. I feel sorry for the babies but I am so glad she is not black.

Just like Sarah Failin', her daughter was praised. If she were black she would be labeled promiscuous, irresponsible and uneducated.

Thoughts please?
i said the same thing, im glad she was not black. and ot does not matter if she is of arab desecent, she does look white and if she was black only in minutes those babies would be adopted. as in sarah failin daughter its called white privilege.
Latina mom, white dad? Pix please....?
I am writing a story, and i want the 16-YEAR OLD GIRL to have a Latin mom and a white father. i want to be able to describe her, but i can't unless i am sure what she could look like. (Remember, latin mom, white father. she is 16, and A GIRL) PICTURES PLEASE!!!

I'm a Latina dating an African American. My parents are racist (especially mom) and said "no way" what do I do?
He's a great guy and isn't typical, they said he can't even set foot in the house. I don't know how to fight them because they are super strict Hispanic parents. I'm not going to give up on it, I just need to know how to combat it.
This is a hard question to answer, I just want to give you the advice that you should not end the relationship because they hate him. If it is possible you might want to seek out a family counselor or a psychologist that deals with family issues. Try to get one that's Latino, and if possible they could be the same nationality as your parents. By doing this you might increase the possibility of making your parents develop an open mind. That is if you can afford one.
Friends Hot Latina Mom?
This is a long story

ok first off I am 16 years old and have a friend named Jose and needless to say his mom she is so hot. Well Jose and I are really good friends and i was supposed to stay at his house for the weekend. On Friday night I was just relaxing with Jose on his couch when his mom asked him if he could go to the store to get some things. Soon after Jose left I walked upstairs to Joses room to watch tv. When I passed his moms room she called me in to hang out with her. I didn't want to be rude so I went in. We started talking about stuff like school and everything just small talk. Than she told me that her back was hurting and asked me if I could give her a rub down because I was strong. Feeling awkward I said sure and she laid down and took off her shirt with her back to me. When I started rubbing, I got a hard on and it was sticking out. At one point she turned her head and my ***** was right in her face. I got embarrassed and said sorry, but she said it was ok and that she was actually turned on by it. She started to su•k it through my pants and she told me to "come get her" but just as that happened Jose came back home and we had to stop. On Saturday we were gonna go out to do something so I went to take a shower and get ready. When I opened the bathroom
door I saw his mom naked playing with herself. She saw me come in but she didn't stop. I walked to her asked her if she needed help. She quickly grabbed my pe•is and blew me until I came. On the last day nothing happened with her but I snuck into her room and ja•ked off on her bed to a pair on her panties.

I'm just wonder if I should continue doing this stuff? She is so hot
We need proof to answer this question correctly.
My dads mom was black,he never met his dad & looks mixed,my mom is latina,so what percentage black am i?
i heard people say if you have any black in you your considered black and ive heard it doesnt mean anything,any insight?
basically your half and half but mostly black.
Im ready to have sex but my mom is super christian and very religious i cant afford birtcontrol but im scared?
I mean im scared to tell her cause shes one of those strict latina moms
Baby, your Mom knows more than you think and strict or not, your Mom is just looking out for your best interest. if you can't afford birth control, i suggest you wait till you can.

If you get pregnant then what do you think your mom is going to say? She is going to be very hurt because, she is only looking out for your best interest.

You should care who the first one is because, you should have more respect for yourself than to let someone use you like that.

You are a precious jewel.
How come I put Latina women on the pedestral?
I swear, it's like I treat black women and white women like crap. I'm mixed btw Latino and black. For instance if I'm dating a white girl or black girl I wouldn't take what they have to say serious, but if it's a Latina girl for some reason I tend to care and listen, is this because my mom is Latina and I want to have a women just like my mom?
Who knows?
Though Palin wants to portray herself as the "average hockey mom," does she really appeal to all "moms"?
Does she in any way appeal to black or Latina moms? Moms of any other races? Or, unsurpsingly, only white moms?
no just the moms who make a fortune, in fact enough for her husband to now be a stay at home dad. she seems to think that every working mom can do this, even without the means to do it. i am happy that she is blessed with the means to do it, but why is she so against so called "socialist" programs that give people the means that don't make as much money as her to help better themselves. Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps they say, but what if you don't have any bootstraps to do it?
There is this sexy latina chick mom who works out in my do i go further in asking her out?
dont know if she has a husband.i dont want to play it how do i approach.
Make some casual conversation with her. Look for a wedding ring. If she doesn't have one on, ask her some questions about what she does for a living, her guys, etc. At some point her answers will tell you if she is available. If she is, then maybe during the conversation, you will find out something you have in common, and you can ask her out to do whatever the mutual interest is.

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